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Frequently asked questions

  • How to  join the Library?
    You can join the Library if you are at least 14 years old and have a passport.
  • Can a child join the Library?
    No, only a person aged at least 14 years and with a passport can join the Library.
    In exceptional cases, children under 14 years are accepted, on condition that they have a passport and letter of request from the institution at which they study. The letter of request must be written on institution letterhead and include explanation of why you need to use the information resources of the Library.
  • Can I get a library card if I’m not a Minsk resident?
    Yes, if you have an identity document (passport, residence permit of the Republic of Belarus, refugee card).
  • Can I get a library card if I’m a foreigner or a stateless person?
    Yes, if you have an identity document (passport, residence permit of the Republic of Belarus, refugee card).
  • What documents do I need to join the Library?
    Your identity document (passport, residence permit of the Republic of Belarus, refugee card) is required. Also, it is advisable to provide:
    • your pupil card (if you are a college student);
    • your student card (if you are a university student);
    • your academic degree certification (if you are a scholar).
  • Can I present my driving license instead of the passport?
    No, the passport is required to get the  library card.
  • Do I need to renew my library card?
    In 2017, all users registered in 2006–2013 must renew their library cards, according to the User registration procedure.
  • How much does the library card cost?
    The library card and its duplicate cost 2, 23 BYN. Registration is free of charge.
  • For how long will the library card be valid?
    5 years, on condition that you observe the the operating rules.
  • What should I do if I loose my library card?
    If you have lost your library card:
    • notify the User Registration Department, tel. (+375 17) 293 28 54, (+375 17) 293 25 84, and they will block your library card;
    • provide your passport or other identifying document and pay to get a duplicate.
    The number of your library card won’t change.
  • Can I visit the Library with a child?
    Preschool-age children are not allowed to visit the Library's reading rooms. If you have children aged from 3 to 10, our Children’s Room is at your service. Call for more info: (+375 17) 293 25 34.
    Children accompanied by adults can attend the Library's social and cultural events (art exhibitions, the observation area etc).
  • Can I receive a once-only library card if I have neither passport nor other identifying documents?
    No, the Library doesn’t provide once-only library cards. In the event that you leave your library card behind, you can get a temporary library card.
  • Can I transfer my library card to another person?
    No. According to paragraph 27 of The Library Code of Service, transferring the library card to another person or using other person’s card is forbidden.
  • How to donate (grant) books to the Library?
    The Library accepts all kinds of books. You can bring literature to the reception point located at the service entrance,  on workdays till 5 p.m., or to the  information desk in the lobby, on workdays and weekends from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • What are the opening hours of the Library?

    The opening hours:
    Monday– Friday: 10 a.m.– 9 p.m.;
    Saturday, Sunday: 10 a.m.– 6 p.m.;
    On each last Monday of a month the Library is closed for cleaning.

    The opening hours in summer (1 June – 31 August):
    Monday – Friday: 10 a.m.– 8 p.m.;
    Saturday: 10 a.m.– 6 p.m.;
    Sunday – the day off;
    On each last Monday of a month the Library is closed for cleaning.

    The opening hours of the library departments and reading rooms:

  • How to take a tour to the Library and visit the Observation Deck?
    We offer guided tours by request. Call to book a tour: (+375 17) 293 28 53, 293 29 66 (Tuesday – Sunday: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.). You can visit the Observation Deck by yourselves ( paid admission).
  • How to clarify the availability of a particular publication in the library?
    You can:
    • ask the librarian on duty at the information desk, personally or by phone (+375 17) 266 37 37;
    • ask the librarian on duty at the Catalog Reading Room (2nd floor of the the atrium), personally or by phone (+375 17) 293 28 56;
    • use the e-Catalog
    • use the virtual reference service "Ask a Librarian".
  • Can books be taken home?
    You can take the Library's books home if you are a Minsk resident; PhD or doctoral research scholar; postgraduate; high school teacher or employee of a scientific research institution. If not, use the reading rooms.
  • Are e-Books available at the Library?
    Print editions from the Library’s collections are being digitized. To date,  the electronic  publications of the  Library employees, the Archive of National Periodicals,  CD library  and  various databases are available. The NLB e-Library is under construction.
  • How to place  an order "today for today"?
    Reception of orders "for today" stops an hour before the closing of the library. However, orders for the next day are accepted until the end of day.