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Excursion to the Day of the Police of Belarus

Excursion to the Day of the Police of Belarus
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The Day of the Police is a holiday of brave and courageous, spiritually resistant, honest and self-sacrificing people, who are guarding the tranquility of their country in peacetime. Thanks to them we can feel safe. On the eve of the holiday we are glad to be able to express our gratitude and respect.

On March 2 the Library was visited by the families of employees of internal affairs agencies and military servicemen of the internal troops who died while carrying their service and military duty for the sake of saving the lives of people. Visitors made a tour through the library, looked over the museum exposition, asked questions about the library and its history, found their favorite books in the electronic catalog. The tour ended at the observation platform, where everyone could admire Minsk from a bird's-eye view.


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