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International activity

The international activity of the National Library of Belarus is aimed at developing cooperation between the NLB, national libraries and other information, educational and scientific institutions of foreign countries. In particular, the international exchange of documents and services is taking place within the framework of the international interlibrary loan. The NLB actively cooperates with diplomatic missions and representative offices of international organizations; participates in the preparation of scientific and applied projects; engages extra budgetary funds to finance its projects; prepares cooperation agreements, and also organizes foreign business trips for the administration and staff to exchange experience and establish mutually beneficial contacts.

The NLB has signed cooperation agreements with national libraries of China, Iran, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, etc. New agreements are being prepared, in particular, with the National Library of Lithunaia, Memorandum on mutual understanding with the National Library "Al-Asad" of the Syrian Arab Republic, the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.

The library is actively interacting with international organizations, especially with the National Commission for UNESCO in the Republic of Belarus, with the support of which a number of projects were successfully implemented ("The Literary Heritage of Belarus, 11th – 20th centuries", "Electronic Library for Schoolchildren", "Nesvizh, the Cultural Center of Europe and the National Monument". New projects are being prepared: "Radziviliana", "The Khreptovichs’ Library", "Underground and Partisan Press of Belarus".

Common projects are successfully being implemented with the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, the Japan State Fund, the Polish Institute in Minsk, the Center for Swedish Culture in Minsk, the Goethe Institute, etc.

The organization of foreign travel is among the priority activities. The purpose is to study the work experience of leading foreign library institutions, as well as joint research and practical activities, participation in symposia, seminars and conferences. For example, in 2007, the NLB staff traveled to Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Lithuania to participate in international conferences, forums, seminars, exhibitions and other events.

Mobile book exhibitions are held as part of the international activities. For example, they were organized in Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine.