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International loan

As a national center for interlibrary loan (ILL) and document delivery (DD), the Library seeks to maintain a consistent policy on ILL and DD not only nationally but also internationally by providing user services and bibliographic support through the system of international ILL and DD. Annually, the NLB receives about 150–200 orders from foreign libraries and fulfills more than 50% of them; 400 orders from NLB users are redirected to the libraries in the CIS countries and abroad.

In terms of ILL, the Library cooperates with 79 libraries in 14 countries of the world. The NLB’s most efficient partnership is with the libraries of Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Poland and Germany.

The international ILL and DD service allows users to order publications that are unavailable in the collections of the National Library of Belarus.

This service is provided to users of the National Library of Belarus and other libraries of the republic. Publications from the NLB’s collections are provided to foreign libraries within the IFLA Voucher Programme Payment System.