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Electronic applications

The electronic application (e-application) is the applicant’s message sent to the e-mail address of the organization or placed on the official site of the organization in the global computer network the Internet.

E-applications of citizens including individual businessmen (citizens hereinafter) and legal persons are reviewed by the National Library of Belarus in compliance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus "About resorts of citizens and legal persons".

According to the Law of the Republic of Belarus "About resorts of citizens and legal persons" an electronic application must be written in Belarusian or Russian languages.

E-applications must be reviewed no later than 15 days from the day following the date of registration, and those requiring further investigation and verification not later than 1 month.

Replies to e-applications are sent in electronic form to an applicant’s email address. Written responses are given in the following cases: an applicant asks to send a written response to their requests, either simultaneously send a written answer and the answer to their e-mail address; a response could not be delivered for technical reasons (notification).

We don’t review applications:

  • written in a language other than Russian or Belarusian;
  • missing the surname, name, patronymic (if any), or the initials of a citizen, the address of their place of residence (stay);the application doesn’t feature an applicant’s name, surname, patronymic name, postal address;
  • missing the full name of a legal person, their postal address, name, surname, patronymic name of a director or an authorized (for juridical persons);
  • containing unreadable text;
  • containing abusive or offensive words;
  • the application is subject to consideration in conformity with the legislation about constitutional legal procedure, civil legislation, civil procedure, economic procedure, criminal procedure, legislation defining the order of administrative procedure, legislation about administrative procedure or in compliance with legislative acts another order of submission and consideration of such application is provided;
  • containing questions outside the competence of the National Library of Belarus;
  • the term of complain is missed without due cause;
  • the application submitted repeatedly has been already considered essentially and doesn’t contains new facts important for essential consideration;
  • correspondence with an applicant has been ceased.

Please fill in a special form to submit electronic application (suggestion, complaints etc). We ask you to state the contents of a question as much as possible clearly and in detail, with indication of all necessary information, including about the results of consideration of your previous applications.


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