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Electronic applications

We would like to let you know that as of January 2, 2023, all government organisations and agencies will begin using the State Unified (Integrated) Republican Automated System for accounting and processing inquiries from individuals and legal entities (обращeния.бел) (hereinafter referred to as Inquires accounting and processing systems).

Electronic inquiries are submitted to the state institution "National Library of Belarus" via the system for registration and processing of inquiries, and they are subject to review in accordance with the process established for considering written inquiries, taking into account the details specified in Article 12 of Law of the Republic of Belarus No 300 of July 18, 2011 "On inquires of citizens and legal entities" (hereinafter "the Law").

Inquiries are filed electronically in accordance with the guidelines outlined in Article 25 of this Law.

Click the "Submit an inquiry" button on the site's home page or in your personal account to submit a question to the system for registering and processing queries.