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The rules for the use of the cloakroom


1.1. The cloakroom is a special room in the National Library of Belarus (the Library hereinafter) designed for outdoor clothing, hats, hand baggage and other property of the Library users and employees.
1.2. The Library has particular cloakrooms for users, physically impaired people and employees.
1.3. The cloakrooms are equipped with lockers where the Library users and employees can leave their property.


2.1. The work time of the cloakrooms corresponds with that of the Library.
2.2. The general cloakroom serves all users of the Library. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War are first served.
2.3. Physically impaired persons are served at a particular cloakroom.
2.4. The Library employees are served at a particular cloakroom.
2.5. The cloakrooms accept the property as follow:

  • outdoor clothing;
  • hats;
  • briefcases, bags;
  • musical instruments;
  • shoes (in a bag);
  • umbrellas.

2.6. The cloakrooms don’t accept:

  • money, treasures, documents;
  • highly inflammable or fragrant things;
  • food;
  • unclean things.

2.7. The user receives a token for each thing left in the cloakroom.
2.8. To get property back, the Library user or employee must provide the token.
Note. In the event that the Library user or employee looses their token or the locker key, a cloakroom attendant can require ownership evidence. To get property back, the Library user or employee must pay for the lost token or key and provide the cashed check.


3.1. The Library is liable for all property left in the cloakrooms.
Note. The Library is not liable for the contents of property left in the cloakrooms.
3.2. The Library users and employees are liable for tokens and locker keys.
3.3. The Library is not responsible for safety of users' money and other property left in the lockers.