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The rules for the use of carrels


1.1. Carrels equipped with personal computers (PCs) (the carrels hereinafter) are designed for individual work with text and graphic electronic information.
1.2. Software products Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Exсel, Power Point), Adobe Reader, Fine Reader installed on PCs in the carrels (the installed software hereinafter) are designed for individual work with users’ data media.
1.3. PCs in the carrels work in local mode and have no access to the information resources of the National Library of Belarus (the Library hereinafter) or Internet.
1.4. Use of the carrels is an additional paid service in accordance with the Service Price List of the National Library of Belarus.
1.5. The Library doesn’t provide:
1.5.1. trainings in the installed software use;
1.5.2. installation of additional software or updated versions of the onstalled software on users’ demand;
1.5.3. editing of electronic documents created by users.
1.6. The Library doesn’t guarantee confidentiality of users’ private information upload on PCs in the carrels when working.


2.1. Users have a right:
2.1.1. to create and edit electronic documents;
2.1.2. to work with information on personal data media, observing the electronic data media use recommendations;
2.1.3. to copy information onto personal data media (floppy disks, memory flash cards, CD-ROM);
2.1.4. to save documents onto hard disk “E”. Format disk is performed every Friday at 10 a.m.;
2.1.5. to export information saved on hard disk “E” to paper media.
Document print is performed by an assistant librarian on users’ demand. To have a document printed, notify an assistant librarian of the number of a carrel and the name of file.


3.1. Users must:
3.1.1. pay the carrel use;
3.1.2. pass the library ticket to an assistant librarian and note down the time of work before using the carrel;
3.1.3. pass the personal data medium to an assistant librarian for virus test;
3.1.4. use carefully the Library’s equipment and software.
3.2. Forbidden:
3.2.1. breaking the rules of PC use;
3.2.2. reinstalling software tools, performing any operations breaking the operating system functioning;
3.2.3. plugging in any peripherals, installing additional software, damaging equipment or software;
3.2.4. working with electronic media not checked by an assistant librarian;
3.2.5. working with electronic media from which viruses cant’ be removed;
3.2.6. viewing, editing or deleting documents saved by other users onto hard disk “E”


4.1. To avoid data loss, it is recommended:
4.1.1. to have a spare copy of information on personal data media;
4.1.2. to copy the document from the data medium onto hard disk “E” before work;
4.1.3. to work with the document and to save information onto hard disk “E” only;
4.1.4. to perform data save when working;
4.1.5. to copy the document from hard disk “E” onto the electronic medium.