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2021 – The Year of National Unity

banner_2021.jpg On January 1, 2021, President A.G. Lukashenka signed Decree No. 1, according to which, in order to consolidate society and unite the Belarusian people on the basis of the ideas of the country's sovereignty and independence, 2021 was declared the Year of National Unity in Belarus.

By Decree No. 64 dated February 2, 2021, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus approved the republican action plan for the Year of National Unity.

From January 18 to April 29, a book exhibition "Great Talent, Great Work, Big Heart" is on show in the ring corridor of the 2nd floor of the National Library. The exhibition is dedicated to the winners of the prize For Spiritual Revival.

As part of the project "Famous Names of Motherland", the first excursion "We remember your pain and losses, Belarus ..." was held on January 28, dedicated to the works of the period of the Great Patriotic War A. Kuleshov, M. Tank, P. Panchenko.

From January 11 to March 28, a thematic book exhibition "Constitution of the Republic of Belarus: Rights, Duties, Responsibilities", dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus, opened in the Legal Information Reading Room (room 207b).


A thematic book exhibition “Belarus is Our Common Home” has been organized in the circular corridor of the 2nd floor.

On February 22, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus opened the photo exhibition "Belarus: Beautiful Moments" prepared by the National Library of Belarus for the International Mother Language Day and the Year of National Unity.

On April 29, the House of Representatives held parliamentary hearings on the topic “Territorial integrity and national unity of Belarus. Historical and legal aspects of the reunification of the Western Belarusian lands within the BSSR”. Mr Raman Matulski, Director General of the National Library of Belarus took part in the event. The hearings discussed the international and geopolitical consequences of the reunification of the Belarusian people, the history and current state of Belarusian-Polish relations, ways of legislative consolidation of the state activities basis to preserve the historical heritage and other issues.