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Cochrane Library

Cochrane Library is a collection of databases on evidence-based medicine, including the Cochrane Systematic Review Database (CDSR), the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), the Cochrane Clinical Answers and others.

The core of the collection is the Cochrane Systematic Review Database (CDSR), a full-text database that contains proven scientific facts. The resource is regularly updated as new test results are received.


Edward Elgar Publishing is the leading international publisher of academic and professional literature and online resources on social sciences, management and law.

The Elgaronline platform offers:

  • research papers and monographs on law, economics and social sciences;
  • advanced textbooks in social sciences;
  • reference publications: dictionaries and encyclopedias.

All materials are in English.

Physics World Discovery

Users have an opportunity to get reliable information on urgent questions in the field of physics, covering both traditional and the newest scientific schools. Authors of publications are leading specialists of the physicist community.
The publications available during the trial period will permanently remain on open access.

All materials are in English.