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Inimitable Minsk (+ video)
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An exhibition "Inimitable Minsk", timed to coincide with City Day, is on show in the "Mobile" gallery (3rd floor, circular corridor) from September 10.

The purpose of the exhibition is to show Minsk in its development, to leaf through the pages of its history during different periods of its existence, to show panoramas of Minsk, its landmarks, dear and familiar streets and buildings, depicted through the worldview of Belarusian graphic artists and photographers.

There are more than 20 thematic editions from the collections of the National Library of Belarus. There are colourful albums, popular science and art publications, catalogues and tourist booklets, postcards with landscapes, historical sites and monuments of Minsk in this series. Significant stages of life and milestones of the city appear on the pages of publications.

The book part of the exhibition is complemented by graphics by the Belarusian classics: Arlen Kashkurevich, Aliaksandra Pasliadovich, Natalia and Kaciaryna Paplauskaja, Ludwig Asiecky, Siamion Herus, Aliaksandr Koshaleu, Leanid Marchanka and others. More than 20 artists depict Minsk in the techniques of lithography, woodcut, linocut, autolithography, etching and others. Old postcards, historical publications and graphic letters make it possible to remember what the capital of Belarus looked like, and they convince that its benevolent and attractive essence has remained unchanged.

The outlines of the old buildings, sincere and spacious streets of that time without modern beautification, the square where Jakub Kolas Square near the Philharmonic now is, the old house-museum of the 1st Congress of the RSDLP before the restoration, the House of Officers without a monumental marble fence around, two towers near the train station, the old train station building, the monument on Victory Square, a "cosmic" Theatre of Musical Comedy and other familiar buildings and symbols of Minsk are made by artists with warmth and respect.

You can walk the streets of the Belarusian inimitable hero-city with an ancient thousand-year history until November 10, 2021. The end date of the exhibition may be changed.

The opening hours of the exhibition correspond to the library’s opening hours.
Admission is by the library card or by the Social and Cultural Centre ticket.

For more info: (+375 17) 368 37 37.

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