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From 16 May to 16 June, the National Library of Belarus (3rd floor, circular corridor) organizes an exhibition "The wizard of childhood" dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of Yanka Maur (1883–1971).

Yanka Maur (real name – Ivan Feodorov) is one of the founders of the Belarusian children literature, a laureate of the State Prize of Belarus (1972), an honored cultural worker of the BSSR. The writer enriched the Belarusian children literature with new themes, original genres, as well as expanded its horizons.

To the 130th anniversary of children literature classic the Belarusian National Library of Belarus in cooperation with the State museum of the history of the Belarusian literature is organizing a book exhibition "The wizard of childhood". The exposition consists of three sections and contains a number of materials on the life and work of a talented Belarusian writer. represents his works of historical, military, adventure and fantastic themes.

The section "The captain of our wanderings" includes a collection of works, selected works, collections, major writer’s works and translations. His first book was the story Chalavek іdze (The man is going) (1927). Then there were released such books U kraіne rayskay ptushkі (In the country of the paradise bird) (1927), Syn vody (The Son of water) (1928), Amok (Amok) (1929), Paleskіya rabіnzony (Robinsons from Polesie) (1930), TVT (TVT) (1934), Slyezy Tubі (Tubi’s tears) (1935), Vacol svetu (Around the world) (1947), Shliakh s tsemry (The way from the darkness) (1948), Apavyadannі i apovestsі (Short stories and stories) (1969). Works of Yanka Maur were translated into Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian, as well as they were published in Czechoslovakia, Americaa and England.

The section "Yanka Maur. Romantic. Traveller. Teacher" presents materials from the collections of the State museum of the history of the Belarusian Literature: Manuscripts U maysternі (In a workshop), Chamu navuchyla myane krytyka (What critics taught me) (1950), typescript Kak sozdavalas kniga (How the book was created), Nіkolі ne zabudzem (We will never forget) (1948), notes, photos of various years, books with inscriptions for Yanka Maur. Visitors can see such interesting writer’s belongings, his writing tools, tool box, and a portfolio with a dedication to himself "To respected Yanka Maur on the memory of his 20th anniversary of his unselfish literary work from І.M. Fedorov. 1946".

The section "The wise man with the soul of a boy" is dedicated to the writer’s life and his imagination. For all his life he has never been abroad. However, in his works he described exotic nature of foreign nations. He perfectly knew Esperanto – a universal artificial language based on Latin – so he communicate with teachers from different countries and knew every detail of life and people of England, New Zealand, Indonesia and America.

Yanka Maur Literature Prize has been awarding for the best works for children since 1993. Yanka Kupala, Ivan Melezh, Mikhas Lynkov payed high tribute to his talent and merits to the national culture and literature. Now the children’s branch of the Minsk Regional Library named after A. Pushkin, a school in Borisov District, as well as one of the streets in Minsk were named in honor of Yanka Maur.

Contact telephone: (+375 17) 293 29 80.


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