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Specialist’s school for heads of libraries

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On April 7th–8th Gomel City Department of Belarusian Library Association and Gomel Regional Universal Library holds the Specialist’s school for heads of university libraries, college libraries, library networks, branch libraries and library marketing departments.

The purpose of the Scholl is the improvement of professional level of regional librarians; revelation and development of professional and psychological basis of innovative activity of librarians etc.

The School includes lections-presentations, trainings, master-classes, creative workshops and round tables.

Study themes:

  • Advertising and exhibition activity. Library space organizing (master-class).
  • Eurasian library space in the modern world view (master-class).  
  • Presentation of the monograph by N.P. Igumnova “Eurasian library space: contours, problems and perspectives”.
  • Library staff management (lection-presentation with elements of training).
  • Mobbing at the library: from origins to the ways of overcoming (lection-presentation with elements of training).

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Source: Belarusian Library Association


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An official opening of the exhibition “The Khraptovich Library: On the Way Back”, was held in the Book Museum on April 15 where unique exhibits have been displayed for the first time: the 19th century correspondence of the Khraptovich family and the books from their famous library in Shchorsy recovered from abroad.

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