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Excursions on National Unity Day

17 Sep 2021

The students of the Minsk City Cadet School and Minsk Secondary School No. 225 attended the excursion of the "Outstanding People of the Motherland" cycle on September 17. For them, excursions were conducted on the heritage of Francysk Skaryna and the writings of Uladzimir Karatkievich.

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New Edition of "Zdabytki"

7 Sep 2021

The 24th issue of the scientific articles collection "Zdabytki (Achievements): Documentary Monuments of Belarus" has been published. The collection is the leading scientific publication in the field of bibliology and is recommended to everyone interested in Belarusian and world book heritage.

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Webinar on Connecting Libraries to Belarusian Regional Consolidated Electronic Catalogues of Libraries

6 Sep 2021

The National Library of Belarus held an online training workshop for employees of regional libraries and libraries responsible for the Regional Consolidated Electronic Catalogues (RSEC) on September 3, 2021. At present, there are 6 RSECs of Brest, Viciebsk, Homiel, Hrodna, Minsk and Mahiliou regions created, which include 49 library institutions of culture and education.

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Museum Classes for Schoolchildren

6 Sep 2021

A new academic year has begun, and museum classes dedicated to the history of book culture, contributing to the popularization of the national book heritage and increasing the cultural potential of the younger generation, are actively held in the museum of books.

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Presentation of the New ABC-Book

3 Sep 2021

As part of the celebration of the Day of Belarusian Written Language, the National Library hosted a press conference and presentation on occasion of the release of a new educational publication for 1-year pupils of general secondary education institutions with the Belarusian language of instruction on September 3.

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When Clay Comes to Life

27 Sep 2021

A book and illustration exhibition "When Clay Comes to Life" demonstrating ceramics and porcelain images from the collection of graphic documents of the National Library of Belarus is on show in the Fine Arts Reading Room (room 306) from September 27 to October 17.

"To Set in Motion the Energy of Conscience..."

21 Sep 2021

An exhibition “To Set in Motion the Energy of Conscience”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Nil Hilievich, national poet of Belarus, literary critic, folklorist, translator, Honored Scientist of Belarus  (1931-2016), is on show in the Belarusian Literature Reading Room (room 205) from September 21 to November 15.


16 Sep 2021

An exhibition "Art-Minsk-2021" will open in the gallery "Atrium" (3rd floor) on September 21 at 17.00.