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BAE Conference and meeting on the development of libraries in Eurasia

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On 15–16 November in Almaty (the Republic of Kazakhstan) was held the International conference “The new format of libraries in Eurasia. Information systems and technologies” timed to the 80th birthday of the National Library of Kazakhstan.

The conference gathered representatives of library-information institutions of Kazakhstan and the CIS member-states, administrative bodies of Kazakhstan, and also representatives of ministries of culture or similar bodies of the CIS member-states.

At the plenary session spoke: Gulisa Balabekova, Director General of the National Library of Kazakhstan; Roman Motulsky, President of the Non-Profit Partnership “The Library Assembly of Eurasia” (BAE), Director of the National Library of Belarus; Victor Fyodorov, President of Russian State Library; Anton Likhomanov, Director General of Russian National Library; Sergey Makeev, Deputy Director General for branch activities at Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library; Aleksey Onishchenko, Director General of V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine; Evgeny Kuzmin, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Council for the UNESCO Information for All Programme, Chairman of the Russian Committee for UNESCO Information for All Programme, President of the Interregional Library Cooperation Centre.

The main themes considered at the International conference: priorities, prospects and strategies of the development of the Eurasian Library Space, legal regulation of library activities, the questions of development, safekeeping and use of information through electronic documents and network technologies. A particular attention was paid to the paradigm of development of libraries within the framework of information overload and information space pollution.

The XIII session of the General meeting of the Non-Profit Partnership “The Library Assembly of Eurasia” members took place within the framework of the Conference.

Participants of the BAE meeting paid a particular attention to:

  • the BAE’s share in the development of model laws, concepts and other documents aimed at the formation of a sole legal sphere of action for libraries in the CIS member-states.
  • formation of electronic information resources within the framework of the projects “Dome of the Commonwealth” and “The Golden Collection of Eurasia”.
  • the BAE’s publishing activity.

Participants of the Conference marked a high level of the copyright and intellectual property law developed in Belarus. Publication of a printed version of the “Vestnik BAE” (“BAE Bulletin”) journal was approved, and the decision to edit its electronic version was made.

In conformity with the BAE’s Charter, the regular board election was held: A.I. Visly, Director General of Russian State Library was elected President; R.S. Motulsky, Director of the National Library of Belarus, and G.K. Balabekova, Director General of the National Library of Kazakhstan were elected Vice Presidents.



First Conference "The Poet and the World"

16 Oct 2020

A significant event took place at the Piatrus Browka Literary Museum on October 15: the first scientific and practical conference "The Poet and the World". The event was dedicated to the 115th anniversary of Piatrus Browka and the 40th anniversary of the Piatrus Browka Literary Museum.

National Library of Belarus News

Common Future by Joint Forces

16 Oct 2020

The Official Documents Service Department (room 207) presents a thematic book exhibition “Common Future by Joint Forces” to the 75th anniversary of the United Nations from October 16 to November 11.

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Gentle, Sweet, Kind

13 Oct 2020

The Library has organized an exhibition "Gentle, Sweet, Kind" dedicated to Mother's Day (October 14) that will be on show from October 13 to November 30 (2nd floor, circular corridor).

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