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Children's Reading Seminar

Children's Reading Seminar
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A regional seminar "Children's Reading and Library in the Context of Digitalization of Modern Society" was held in the Drahichyn Central District Library on April 13–14.

The thematic field of the seminar included the problems of raising the prestige of reading, reading activity and its quality, the development of the cultural and reading competence of children and youth. Libraries act as the main resource centres for children's reading development. They not only introduce children to books, but also encourage interpersonal communication, equal dialogue between a child and an adult, their intellectual and spiritual partnership. Establishing the interaction of the library with the family and the child determines its guiding role in relation to the formation of the child's personality as a reader.

Ms Ina Pranevich, Head of the Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs Department, of the Drahichyn District Executive Committee, and Ms Alena Stryzhevich, Director of M. Gorky Brest Regional Library, made opening speeches.


Libraries in their activities use various forms and methods to attract children to the library, to increase interest in books and reading. The seminar participants discussed the innovative techniques used in libraries, with the help of which the formation of a positive attitude towards reading among the younger generation is achieved. The unique experience of M. Gorky Brest Regional Library was presented by Ms Larysa Veramchuk, Deputy Director for Sociocultural and Information Work, and Ms Viktoryja Mikhajlava, Head of the Department of Sociocultural Activities and Marketing. The library creates an environment for children's reading development from an early age, as well as for their parents as organizers of family reading.


The National Library of Belarus was represented by Ms Tatsiana Sapega, Head of the Research and Project Sector of the Bibliology Research Department, who spoke about the Library's projects aimed at popularizing book culture for children. In the report, the main attention was paid to marketing methods of promotion and the principles of implementation of the "On a visit to Book" project.


Ms Victoryja Karaliova, Head of the Marketing and Project Activities Department of the Scientific Library of BNTU, talked about inclusion in the library, the specifics of serving children with disabilities.


The seminar was organized for deputy directors of library systems that work with children and for heads of children's libraries in the Brest region. The event allowed specialists to learn about the best innovative experience in serving children in libraries.

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Literary Delights: 10 Books with Recipes

14 May 2021

On rainy spring days, you will certainly want to please yourself with something. A good way is to do your favourite hobby, chat with friends or … just eat. Surely, “delicious food” comes right after fiction on your list of favourite things, and when they are combined, it becomes a great way to cheer yourself up and inspire future achievements – maybe even culinary ones. Today we will remember ten excellent fiction books in which cooking plays an important role, and the recipes that are certainly worth a try. Prepare handkerchiefs: some of the descriptions will make your mouth water.

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The Red Book

13 May 2021

An exhibition "The Red Book" will be on show in the Book Museum since May 13. The main exhibit will be an art book by young Belarusian artists Marina Zhvirblia and Fiodar Shurmeleu.

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"Belarusian Nightingale": a new virtual exposition dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the birth of Zmitrok Byadulya

7 May 2021

We present a new section of the virtual project "On the Waves of Time throughout Life", implemented by the National Library of Belarus, the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature, the Belarusian State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art and the magazine "Maladost" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the literary association "Maladnyak".

To the 100th Anniversary of “Maladnyak