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Festive Planning Brief at the National Library

Festive Planning Brief at the National Library
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On 27 December, our friendly library staff gathered for an unusual briefing... a festive one!

Mr Alies Susha, Deputy Director General opened the New Year's meeting. He warmly congratulated his colleagues and noted that next year the National Library of Belarus will celebrate a centennial, which means that 2022 will definitely be bright and eventful for its employees.

Dzied Maroz and Sniahurachka came to cheer up the team and remind them of the magic and miracle. The team building turned out to be intense: fairy-tale characters played together with employees, solved riddles, sang New Year's songs.

A professional Gypsy show, Allure, kept the mood upbeat. The vocal hits of the band and musical compositions with drums, guitar and tambourines sounded in a warm atmosphere. Allure soloists Natalia Harbachova and Siarhiej Radzijonau energized the library staff and wished them all the best wishes, good health and positivity.

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Jason Art-Book (+video)

25 Jan 2022

A grand opening of the exhibition, presentation of the work of modern fine and book art, the art book Jason will take place in the Book Museum on January 25 at 4 p.m.

Book exhibitions

Ancient Cities of Belarus

24 Jan 2022

The thematic exhibition "The Ancient Cities of Belarus", timed to coincide with the Year of Remembrance, is on show from 24 January in the 3rd-floor circular gallery.

Book exhibitions