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Lecture-concert “Toloka”

Lecture-concert “Toloka”
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On April 28, the “Labyrinth” gallery hosted a lecture-concert "Toloka" from the series "National Musical Heritage of Belarus".

Toloka, a communal work, is one of the most ancient traditions of the Belarusians. In the spring or autumn, people went to the fields together. They reaped the harvest with the help of communal work only. Well, after the work they organized a general holiday. Such a holiday was created for the audience by the music chapel of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus' Centre for Research on Belarusian Culture, Language, and Literature.

Musicians and guests of the event enthusiastically performed folk songs “The girls sowed flax”, “Fog ravine valley”, “The Water flows to the gully” and others. Galina Tsmyg, head of the chapel, told about several types of representation of folk songs in the musical art and about the talented adaptations of Belarusian composers. Famous folk songs were performed in arrangements by A. Raschinsky, A. Vazhnik, A. Savritsky, L. Zakhlevny, V. Kuznetsov, N. Sirota. Well, Ekaterina Radzivilova, a member of the choral chapel, a multi-instrumentalist, spoke about the principles of sound extraction in the Belarusian folk instrument duda and performed a folk dance "Matliot" and a polka "Akulina".

Everyone is welcome to attend the upcoming concert "Musical capella," which will focus on the unique aspects of the development of performing professionalism in the Belarusian lands and the processes of continuity using the content of the court orchestra's activity in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Students will be able to take part in a discussion of the problems of Belarusian local music history.
The meeting will take place on 25 May in 6.30 pm.

For more info: (+375 17) 293 27 52.

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