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On April 15th–16th took place a business meeting of directors of the library networks of Mogilev region “Social, cultural and information activity of libraries: analysis, results and achievements”.

During the event, which was held on the basis of V.I. Lenin Mogilev Regional Library, participants analyzed the state of Mogilev region public libraries in 2009, considered their achievements in the field of social, cultural and information activity, discussed the issues of library activity and suggested a plan for development for the current year.

Head of the Library Science Section of the National Library of Belarus N.N. Zamaeva represented the Library at the business meeting of directors of the library networks of Mogilev region. She delivered a paper “The state and prospects of development of public libraries in the Republic of Belarus” and answered questions on library legislation and the concepts of the library development for the period till 2015.


7 Books About North Korea that will Surprise You

16 Apr 2021

What do we know about North Korean literature? In fact, almost nothing. What about literature about the country itself? The National Library is full of amazing books on the subject that have become rare in stores or have disappeared altogether. Fasten your seat belts: we are starting a long journey to the most mysterious country of our time.

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