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Сultural and educational event "Drama of the First World War"

Сultural and educational event "Drama of the First World War"
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On 20 March, a cultural and educational event "Drama of the First World War" dedicated to the 100th anniversary from the beginning of World War I was held in the National Library of Belarus.

A hundred years has passed since the beginning of the great tragedy of global importance. A great number of memoirs, books and research papers were written about the catastrophe. "Today we have an opportunity to get acquainted with the books and the first documents of the time, look at the war through the eyes of witnesses. Books save remembrance to those who live now and can teach a lesson," said during the opening of the project Director of the National Library of Belarus Roman Motulsky.

About 500 scientific and popular editions devoted to World War I from the funds of the National Library of Belarus are displayed at the exhibition "Drama of the First World War" which is located in the circular corridor on the third floor of the Library. Besides books, the exhibition contains original postcards from the collection of the famous Belarusian deltiologist, laureate of the award of the President of the Republic of Belarus "For Spiritual Revival" Vladimir Likhodedov.

During the event, the author spoke not only about the collection, but also about a book from a series "In the Search of the Lost" – Belarus cherez fotoobyektiv nemetskogo soldata.1915–1918 (Belarus through the camera lens of a German soldier. 1915–1918) which was donated to Director of the National Library of Belarus Roman Motulsky and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany in Belarus Wolfram Maas.

There was attended chairman of the charity fund of cultural and historical memory of the First World War Kroki (Steps), broadcaster and journalist Vyacheslav Bondarenko who also presented gifts to the National Library. Thanks to him, the Library was replenished with two children’s editions on the First World War.

The program of the cultural and educational project also included a presentation of two books of the publishing house Belarus. It was Valentina Belyavina’s edition Belarus v gody Pervoy mirovoy voyny (Belarus during the First World War) and the book of the National Historical Archives of the Republic of Belarus Belarus v gody Pervoy mirovoy voyny. Dokumenty (Belarus during the First World War. Documents).

The First World War led to enormous sacrifices and remained one of the most dramatic events of the 20th century.


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