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Fashion, Spring and Good Mood

Fashion, Spring and Good Mood
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We offer you to visit a virtual exhibition of fashion magazines. The exhibition is a part of the "Digital Kaleidoscope", the electronic resource of the National Library of Belarus.

The “Fashion Gloss” exhibition acquaints readers with electronic copies of “fashion magazines” of the 18th – 20th centuries stored in the NLB collections. You can learn about fashion trends and get acquainted with the design of models of women's, men's and children's clothes of past centuries. Fashion reviews include a full description of the details of the costumes and prints, hand-painted with watercolours. For example, the famous French magazines "Le Moniteur de la mode. Journal du grand monde: modes, literature, beaux-arts, theatres, etc.” and "Petit Courrier des Dames. Journal des Modes” illustrated by the best artists of Paris, there are unique drawings from life. Today, these colourful engravings are invaluable historical evidence of the bygone era.


Russian magazines of the twentieth century published a secular chronicle with “most curious facts from life” by famous contemporaries, tips on housekeeping and personal care, poetry, and translated prose for “pleasant reading” of women in addition to articles on fashion and rich, vivid illustrations.

We hope that the exhibition will be useful to all lovers of fashion, including professionals such as historians, fashion designers, dressers and museum workers.

Enjoy the exhibition!

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8 Dec 2023

The festive exhibition “Winter Lace”, dedicated to the New Year and Christmas, has been open since December 8 in the Ring gallery of the 2nd floor.

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