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50 years ago Ms Ekaterina Voronko Started Her Professional Career in the Library

50 years ago Ms Ekaterina Voronko Started Her Professional Career in the Library
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Ekaterina Voronko was born in the village of Kozlovichi, Slutsk District, Minsk Region in a peasant family. Eighteen-year-old Kate started her career immediately after graduating from Kozlovichi High School and worked as the Head of the Bolotchitsy Rural Library of the Slutsk District Department of Culture. 


She entered the Library Faculty, the Correspondence Department, of the Minsk State Pedagogical University named after M. Gorky in 1966. She was transferred to the second year of Full-time Department a year later for the excellent study.


Ms Voronko recalls her student years with special warmth: “During the years of study, I remember the practice in the Molodechno City Library and the Grodno Regional Library named after E.F. Karsky, where I gained experience in library and bibliographic work.


In 1968, a student group was created from the students of the library and physics and mathematics faculties and we went to the Crimea. There, near Simferopol, we worked harvesting vegetables. We sang songs and danced in the evenings. Only good and good memories remained”.


During her studies at the institute, an important event happened in the life of Ekaterina Voronko - an acquaintance with her future husband, Anatoly Voronko. He was a student of the same library department and subsequently led the National Book Chamber for twenty-eight years.

Ms Voronko graduated with honours from the institute with a degree in library science and bibliography with the qualification of a librarian-bibliographer of the highest category in 1970. In August of the same year, she was assigned to the State Library of the BSSR named after V.I. Lenin for the position of Bibliographer of the Book Chamber of the BSSR (at that time it was one of the divisions of the library). 


The professionalism and excellent knowledge of the young specialist did not go unnoticed, and after three years she was transferred to the position of Senior Bibliographer, and four years later - Senior Editor.

At the beginning of her professional career (until 1978) Ekaterina Voronko was engaged in the state bibliography, she was one of the compilers and editors of "Annals of Magazines' Articles" and "Annals of Newspappers' Articles". Afterwards, her activities became closely related with the recommendatory bibliography, where she made a significant contribution. 


For more than 40 years, Ekaterina Voronko has been working with the monthly bibliographic bulletin "New books: through the pages of the Belarusian publishing", which has been publishing by the National Library of Belarus since 1960.


There is a number of printed and electronic publications of the National Library of Belarus to her name. She is the author of over 240 articles devoted to the famous figures of Belarusian and world culture, science, art, literature and other topics.

Ekaterina's responsible attitude to the work of was appreciated by merit. She was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the State Order of the Red Banner of Labor of the BSSR Library named after V.I Lenin (1982), the Certificate of Honor of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus (2002), the Certificate of Honor of the National Library of Belarus (2007) and the Certificate of Honor of the Belarusian Cultural Fund (2012).

“Ekaterina Voronko is a responsible and conscientious specialist, she is an example of attitude to the assigned work, a kind and wise mentor for young specialists. She enjoys well-deserved authority and respect in the team and always takes an active life position ... ”- these words are from the description of Ekaterina Voronko fully reflect her professionalism and personal qualities.

The staff of the National Library of Belarus congratulates Ekaterina Voronko on the anniversary of her professional activity and wishes her good health, inexhaustible energy, creative success and prosperity!

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