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Interlibrary Loan

The interlibrary loan significantly expands the boundaries of the information potential of an individual library, allowing you to use the information resources not only of libraries in Belarus, but also of foreign countries.

The interlibrary loan services of the National Library of Belarus are provided to collective users – national and foreign libraries and information organizations, as well as individual users who have a reader's card.

According to the interlibrary loan, documents of the National Library can be issued only on orders of collective loan users. Documents that are not available in the library can be ordered from other libraries of the republic and abroad at the request of both collective and individual users.

Documents within the framework of the interlibrary loan are provided in the form of original publications and digital copies. The terms of access to them are determined in accordance with the law.

You can use the interlibrary loan to place an order:

IBA services are provided on the basis of Procedure for servicing interlibrary loan users.