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Exhibitions 2008–2010

The educator from Ostrozhsky Family

The exhibition was timed to the 400-th anniversary of of Konstantin Basil Ostrozhsky (1527–1608), the Great Duchy of Lithuania cultural worker and public figure and and the 430-th anniversary of the foundation of the Ostrozhskaya printing house. At the exhibition were displayed materials dedicated to the history of Ostrozhsky noble family, and incunabula in Cyrillic by Ostrozhskaya and other Ukrainian printing-houses in the ХVI–XVIII centuries.

The Slutsk Gospel

The exhibition acquainted visitors with a unique manuscript of the XVI century. The Slutsk Gospel is one of Belarusian national Orthodox treasures.

The Legend of Belarusian Bibliography

An exhibition dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of Nina Vatatsy (1908 - 1997), the eminent Belarusian bibliographer and literary critic.

From the Letter to the Word

At the exhibition were displayed originals as well as facsimiles and reprinted publications of Cyrillic printed ABC-books, primers, and books for elementary reading and writing teaching published between the end of the XVI century and the beginning of the XX century.

Orthodox rarities

At the exhibition were displayed the masterpieces of Slavonic manuscripts and printed books from monuments of the 16t – 17th centuries to the modern editions of the Holy Writ. Original books of the Prague Bible by Frantisek Skaryna, the Gospel by Piotr Mstislavets (1575), the first edition of brothers Mamonich Vilno typography, and the Ostrozhskaya Bible (1581) printed by Ivan Fyodorov.

“Thus they began to print this holy book...”

The exhibition was timed to the 445th anniversary of the first edition of the Apostle performed by the eminent printers Ivan Fyodorov and Piotr Mstislavets. At the exposition were displayed book monuments which revealed peculiarities and design of the book “Apostle” of 1564 as well as the epoch in which the book had been created.

"Tarass on Parnassus”: to the 120th anniversary of the first publication

The exhibition was dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the first publication of the eminent monument of Belarusian literature of the ХІХ c. – the anonymous poem “Tarass on Parnassus”.

Underground and partisan press in Belarus

The exhibition was timed to the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi occupants.Documents from the collections of the National Library of Belarus and the Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War were exhibited.

The wonderful world of a children’s book

The exhibition presented children’s books published in the XVII–XX centuries. Miniature editions for children and children’s books with peculiar design caught visitors’ attention.

Azerbaijan, Belarus and world classics in a miniature book

The exhibition presented miniature editions from the collections of the Museum of a Miniature Book in Azerbaijan and the National Library of Belarus.

Italian books in Belarus in the epoch of Bona Sforza

The exhibition presented incunabula published in Italy in the late XV – XVI centuries.

The Christmas book engraving

The exhibition presented church books of the ХVІІ–ХVІІІ centuries with engravings dedicated to the Christmas holiday: Belarusian publications by Mogilev and Kutein printing houses, books published by Moscow printing house, and Ukrainian editions.


Simeon Polotsky. To the 380th anniversary.

Simeon Polotsky’s books published in the XVII–XX centuries were on display.


Doctor A.P. Chekhov

The exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the eminent writer presents books published in his lifetime.

The French autograph

The exhibition presented the unique collection of publications autographed by the eminent representatives of French culture, literature and art, political and public figures of the ХIХ – the first third of the ХХ centuries from the stocks of the National Library of Belarus.

Christ has arisen!

The Easter exhibition presented the most interesting documents from the collection of manuscripts and old printed books of the National Library of Belarus: books with engravings, liturgies and sermons dedicated to Christ’s Resurrection.

The One Book Exhibition

The Book Museum offered "The One Book Exhibition" timed to the World Museum Day.

Lavrenti Zizaniy’s Grodno Catechism

The exhibition presented the copies of Catechism published by Old Believers in Grodno Royal Printing House in 1783 and 1787.

Initiated by Skaryna

The exhibition was timed to the birthday of two East Slavonic first printers: the 520th birthday of Francisk Skaryna and the 500th birthday of Ivan Fyodorov.

The outstanding politicians of the world

The exposition presented exhibits form the private Museum of Miniature Books in Baku (Azerbaijan).