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Exhibitions 2011–2012

Academician Evfimi Karsky’s heritage

The exhibition is timed to the150th birthday of outstanding Belarusian scientist and public figureEvfimi Karsky. Books from his private library and archival documents about the academician’s life and career are displayed at the exposition.

The Patriarch of Belarusian Satire

The exhibition timed to the 115th birthday of people’s writer of Belarus Kondrat Krapiva presents rare sources from the collections of the State Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature and the National Library of Belarus.

Piotr Skarga’s Tale

The exhibition timed to the 475th birthday of church and political figure of Rzeczpospolita Piotr Skarga (1536–1612) presents his books published in the XVI–XVIII centuries in Krakow, Vilnius and Pinsk.


The Holy Easter

The exhibition of rare religious publications "The Holy Easter” timed to the Easter Holidays celebrations.

My Ancestors’ Land. Boris Sachenko…

The literary-documentary exhibition reveals the multiple talents of the outstanding prose writer. The exposition includes the rare sources from the writer’s archive: manuscripts, documents, photographs, books, souvenirs and other property.

Ex officina Elzeviriana (From the Elseviers’ Printing House)

The “Elsevier Books” are those published in the late XVI – the early XVIII centuries by the celebrated Holland publishing house belonging to the Elsevier family. The exhibition timed to the World Museum Day presents old-printed Elsevier Books from the collections of the National Library of Belarus.

”I’m not alone as I have the book...”

The exhibition timed to the 120th anniversary of Maxim Bogdanovich’s birth presents the original copy of “Vyanok” (“The Wreath”) (1913) with the poet’s autograph.

Gifts to the Library

Souvenirs and other gifts presented to the National Library of Belarus by foreign delegations during their visits in 2006–2009.

Minsky Listok

The exhibition timed to the 125th anniversary of the newspaper “Minsky Listok” (“The Minsk Leaflet”).


The exhibition dedicated to Italian cartographer G. Rizzi Zannoni

The exposition presents old maps from the collection of old printed editions of the Rare Book Division.


One book exhibition

One of the most beautiful editions of the 18th century “The Comedies and Tragedies" of Franciscka Ursula Radzivil was on display at the exhibition timed to the Museum Day .


A new exposition devoted to the Radzivil noble family.

Francisk Skorina: a journey to the Fatherland

The exhibition presented first-printed editions by F. Skorina from the collections of the Upper Lusatian Science Library (Görlitz, Germany) and the National Library of Belarus.

In the beginning was Polotsk: the 1150th anniversary of the foundation

The exhibition was dedicated to the oldest Belarusian town – Polotsk and acquainted visitors with the milestones of its history and development of book culture.

Manuscripts and rare editions of Yakub Kolas in the Book Museum

The exhibition timed to the 130th anniversary of Yakub Kolas presented manuscripts, first editions and a book with the autograph of the classic of Belarusian literature.

War of 1812 in book monuments

The exhibition timed to the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812 presents manuscripts and rare editions dedicated to the events of that epoch.


Newspaper Muzhytskaya prauda

The exhibition presents original numbers of the first Belarusian newspaper Muzhytskaya prauda timed to its 150th anniversary.


The Great Art of Artillery

The exhibition represents lifetime editions by Kazimierz Siemienowicz The Great Art of Artillery.