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Exhibitions 2013

The first director: known and unknown pages of his biography

The exhibition is devoted to I. Simanovsky and timed to the 120th anniversary from the date of his birth.

The Slavic Apostle

The exhibition timed to celebrations of 1150 years of Slavic writing and 1025 years of conversion of Russia to Christianity presents hand-written books and old-printed editions The Slavic Apostle.

Published in the city of Mogilev...

The exhibition is dedicated to the 380th anniversary from the date of foundation of the Mogilev printing house.

The Great Statute of the Grand Duchy

The exposition was timed to the 425th anniversary of the adoption of the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania of 1588.

The One book exhibition timed to the International Museum Day

The exhibition presents the first united illustrated edition of the most popular novel Children Of Captain Grant. A Voyage Round The World (Les Enfants du capitaine Grant. Voyage autour du Monde) 1868.

Fairy tales...

The exhibition presents ancient books of Russian, Belarusian and other tales.


The Gutenberg Bible

The exhibition presents a unique facsimile edition of the Gutenberg Bible from a foreign private collection.