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The Great Art Of Artillery

The author – our compatriot, military engineer and theorist of artillery – is considered as one of the founders of world rocket ballistics and and astronautics.

Kazimir Semenovich’s work was first published in Latin language in 1650 (Amsterdam). One year later the second edition in French language appeared. The book consisted of five parts and included a plenty of engravings based on the author’s sketches. This study attracted the attention of experts in different countries and was translated into numerous European languages. During centuries this work had been not only one of the major scientific works in Europe, but also one of the most demanded textbooks on artillery.

The first German translation of K. Semenovich’s treatise was published in 1676 in Frankfurt am Main. It was considerably added in comparison with previous editions due to new text sections and a number of new, perfectly made engravings. The monograph of the eminent Belarusian researcher was translated by Thomas Beren and included an opening address of the captain of artillery Daniel Ehrlich.

Till last year, in Belarusian book depositories there was no copy of K. Semenovich’s books of the 17th century. In 2012, the stocks of the National Library of Belarus were replenished with the two first editions of the treatise The Great Art Of Artillery of 1650 and 1651 in Latin and French languages. The return of these books to Belarus was carried out with the assistance of BPB-Sberbank Public Corporation.

This year, owing to sponsor’s support of BelАВМ JSC, the Library’s collection has replenished with the third edition of the book The Great Art Of Artillery in German language.

The exhibition runs on 11–31 June.