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Exhibitions 2016

The clear trace

The exhibition presents the works of Maksim Bahdanovič published in 1907–1917, archival documents, and also publications about the poet’s life and career.

To the Library as a gift: the 10th anniversary of the "Belarusian diamond"

The exhibition presents the gifts of partners, guests and friends of the library, from 2006 to 2016.

Book marks

The exhibition shows how the book mark modified during the evolution of the book.

"One Book Exhibition"

The exhibition is dedicated to the 695th anniversary of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest works of the European civilization.

"Book acquisitions"

The exhibition of artifacts of book and literary culture acquired by the National Library in 2015.

”Francysk Skaryna and present day”

An unexpected and unique in its way exhibition devoted to the Belarusian first printed and enlightener.

"Handmade books"

The Book Museum exhibits two unique editions with illustrations, made by the master of pictorial and graphic arts, distinguished artist of Russia Oleg Yahnin.

"The collector of folklore artifacts"

Exhibition to the 190th anniversary of the birth of the known Belarusian and Russian ethnographer, folklorist, linguist and pedagogue Pavel Šejn.