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Book marks

The exhibition “Book marks”, dedicated to the Day of Knowledge, has been opened in the Book Museum (347) on September 1–30. Book marks appeared practically simultaneously with books and became their companions. Last centuries book marks were obligatory and were an important element of the culture of reading. Book marks were made of different materials, different shapes and decoration styles.

Exhibits demonstrate alterations of book marks in the process of book’s evolution. The exposition presents incunabula and old-printed editions of the XV–XVIII centuries with leather, cloth and paper book marks and bright interestingly decorated books with book marks ribbons. Besides, visitors are offered various mass-production book marks of the XIХ–XХI centuries from several countries printed by foreign libraries and museums, and dedicated to prominent Belarusian historical and cultural figures, domestic museums, publishing houses, etc. Original handmade book marks, modern unusual book marks-magnets, book marks stickers, book marks-pens, 3D-book marks.

We invite visitors to participate in creation of book mark-coloring and book mark-origami.

The exhibition runs from 1 September 2016 in the Book Museum.

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