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Handmade books

The Book Museum exhibits two unique editions with illustrations, made by the master of pictorial and graphic arts, distinguished artist of Russia Oleg Yahnin.

The encyclopedia Slavic Fabled Beings was published in Saint-Petersburg in 2012. Text prototypes created by M. Stepanova, are embodied in Yahnin’s etches. The book includes 16 signed by the master works. The text is in the technique of letter printing on a printing press of 1861 on hand-made paper. The unique leather binding is decorated with hand-carved figures of boxwood.

The theme of deadly sins inspired to create a unique book Seven Deadly Sins a group of seven Russian artists: V. Guzenyuk, B. Zabirokhin, O. Keleynikova, Y. Nozdrin, S. Tyukanov, Y. Shtapakov, O. Yahnin. Each of them created seven works in their individual style and technique, not looking at others works until the end of the project.

49 original etches are united in a unique handmade leather binding with lettering.

Besides the Book Museum, the exposition of the distinguished artist of Russia Oleg Yahnin’s graphical works is exhibited in the galleries "Atrium" and "Labyrinth" (3rd floor).

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