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Exhibitions 2023

Notary of Belarus: through the prism of time

The exhibition presents unique copies from the collection of manuscripts, old printed and rare books, revealing the historical stages of the formation of the notary system of Belarus. Among the exhibits are the original charter and vaccinations of the XVII century, editions of the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania of 1588, XVII–XIX centuries, editions of the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire of the XIX century (starting from the first edition of 1832), the third edition of the Regulations on the Notary Part (1897), as well as a number of decrees and regulations on the notary of the BSSR of the 1st quarter of the twentieth century.

Book treasures of the Kuteyinsky Monastery

This year, the public of the country celebrates the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Kuteinsky Epiphany Monastery.

At the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the monastery, as well as with the publications of the monastery printing house and the books of the monastery library.


Homeland. In search of the lost

The general public has been given a unique opportunity to see a real treasure – copies from the library fund of V. Likhodedov. The collection includes valuable manuscripts, old printed books, rare books and periodicals of the XVI–XX centuries, acquired with the support of the state, donated and deposited to the library.

The exhibition is organized on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the historical and educational project "Homeland. In search of the lost".

Heroes of the Book Land

The International Children's Book Day is celebrated on 2 April, dedicated to the legendary Danish author and storyteller Hans Christian Andersen's birthday (1805–1875). The Book Museum cordially invites you to meet your beloved characters from storied children's books.

The exposition reflects the history of the development of the world and Belarusian children's fiction books for several centuries. Many of the exhibited specimens are being shown to a wide audience for the first time.

Exhibition of One Book

The Exhibition is dedicated to the Day of the Orthodox Book and the 400th anniversary of the Kuteinsky Theology Monastery.


"In the land of dreams"

A collaborative exhibition from library and museum collections to the 130th anniversary of the great Belarusian poetess, Honored Worker of Culture of the BSSR Kanstantsia Builo (1893–1986).

The exposition for the first time presents unique exhibits – books returned to their homeland from the famous historical book collection of the Khreptovichi.

Valuable publications from the Hreptovich library returned to Belarus from Germany in 2023 thanks to the activities of the diplomatic mission for the return of historical and cultural values.