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Exhibitions of the Museum

The Most High-Profile Space Book

The online exhibition presents a complete collection of old-print editions by Kazimierz Siemienowicz's "The Great Art of Artillery," which is kept in the library's collections.

For centuries, the unique monograph has been one of the most important and top requested scientific works in Europe, one of the fundamental sources for those who laid a foundation for modern rocket science and brought humanity into space. No wonder the study was translated into many European languages (French, German, English, Polish, etc.).

"Foretype Of The European Constitution" Exhibition is on Show in the Library

The "Foretype of the European Constitution" exhibition dedicated to Constitution Day is on show in the Book Museum of the National Library of Belarus. 

The guests of the event had an opportunity to look at the rarities of the exhibition such as unique and extremely rare copies of the 1588 Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the collections of the National Library of Belarus and the Academic Library of the University of Latvia.

Biełaruskaja Łacinka: Exhibition for the International Mother Language Day

The exhibition is dedicated to the Belarusian Latin alphabet (or Łacinka), which is a special element of the Belarusian culture. It presents literary monuments created in Belarusian with the use of the Latin alphabet from the 17th century to the present days.

A separate section of the exhibition shows the history of the development of the Latin alphabet and presents Belarusian language primers, anthologies and grammar books by Karuś Kahaniec, Rudolf Abicht, Janka Stankievič, Vaclau Lastouski, Branislaw Tarashkyevich and others.

The Gate to Book Treasures

The exposition is devoted to the development of Belarusian book-printing as part of the world history of the book and main features of Belarusian, European and Eastern book cultures.

The exhibition displays original documents from collections of the National Library of Belarus (replicas of archival documents, bibliographies, manuscripts, and other materials) which show a rich history of foundation and development of the major library of Belarus.
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