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Art exhibitions and projects in 2010

19 January –
11 February
The ІV International festival of the landscape dedicated to famous Belarusian landscape master, people’s artist Vitaly Tsvirko galleries "Rakurs", "Labyrinth"
21 January – 26 February Exhibition-presentation of the International Guild of Painters gallery "Atrium", mobile gallery
16 February –
1 March
"Vitebsk. Art-50" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of P. Masherov Vitebsk State University and the 50th anniversary of its art-graphic faculty galleries "Rakurs", "Labyrinth"
24 February –
15 March
The exhibition of Ukrainian photographer Igor Gaiday gallery "Panorama"
2 March –
15 April
"The Still Life" dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the eminent Belarusian artist, Ivan Khrutsky galleries "Rakurs", "Labyrinth" and "Atrium"
11 March Exhibition "The melody of light" timed to the 200th anniversary of F. Chopin mobile gallery
16 March –
14 April
The exhibition of the experimental studio "Cherpaniy Papir" gallery "Panorama"
16 April –
14 May
"The gallery of heroes of the liberation movement of Venezuela" dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the liberation movement for the independence of Venezuela gallery "Panorama"
27 April – 11 May The republican exhibition of Soviet posters of 1941–1945 "The Way to the Victory" dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War gallery "Labyrinth"
20 April –
11 June
ІІІ International graphic exhibition “Art-Line” galleries "Rakurs", "Labyrinth" and "Atrium"
20 May –
3 June
The painting and computer graphics exhibition “The cornflower in new format” dedicated to the International Children’s Day gallery "Panorama"
15 June – 13 August II Minsk International Biennale of Modern Paintings “COLORFEST” galleries "Rakurs", "Labyrinth"
4 June –
14 June
A joint exhibition by Georgian and Belarusian photographers Archil Kikodze and Vladimir Parfyonok "The Personal Only" gallery "Panorama"
23 June –
5 July
A photo exhibition "America in the eyes of the Belarusians" gallery "Panorama"

13 July –17 September

A photo exhibition "Mysterious China" mobile gallery
15 June –
31 August
The art exhibition of Belarusian painter Aleksey Kuzmich: to the artist’s 65th birthday gallery "Panorama"
16 September –
6 October
A photo exhibition “Parallels” of French photographer Thierry Clech and Belarusian photographers Olga Loyko and Victor Baykovsky gallery "Panorama"
22 September "The intangible heritage of Belarus" mobile gallery

23 September –

11 October

A photo exhibition "Meeting Shanghai we embrace the whole world" dedicated to Shanghai and the Universal Exhibition Expo 2010 gallery "Rakurs"
12 October –
20 December
The exhibition project "Book Avant-Guard” The Book Museum
14 October –
20 November

IІ Minsk international digital art festival “Terra Nova”

gallery "Rakurs"
19 October The joint project of the National Library of Belarus and the USA Embassy in the Republic of Belarus "Everliving jazz” mobile gallery

21 October –

19 November

"Oman is Calling" : within the framework of the Days of Oman in Minsk gallery "Panorama"
20 Nevember The exhibition of illustrations to the book "Folk Fairytales for Children" in cooperation with UNICEF mobile gallery
23 November 2010 – 15 January 2011 "Art-Krok" : within the framework of the project of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus "The Land under white wings" galleries "Rakurs", "Labyrinth" and "Atrium"
2 December 2010 – 15 January 2011 An art exhibition “12+” gallery "Panorama"
10 December –
15 December
Elena Adamchik’s photo exhibition "Bielaruski. Women of Europe" gallery "Rakurs"