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Art exhibitions and projects in 2014




23 January "The snow white laces": the personal art exhibition of Marina Elyashkevich dedicated to the Year of Horse (2014) according to the Oriental calendar
gallery "Panorama”
19 February To the 200th birth anniversary of Taras Shevchenko: the exhibition of children’s drawings made by participants of the First Minsk contest named after T. Shevchenko and photo materials about perpetuation of memory about the Kobzar in Belarus
gallery ”Labyrinth”
13 February "The Island of Courage and Grief": the photo exhibition of Valery Makhnach (to the 25th anniversary since the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan) mobile gallery
27 February “5 years – 5 visits”: a photo exhibition as part of the international campaign "Following Chavez" in honor of the first anniversary from the date of the death of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
gallery "Rakurs"
5 March "The Flower Paradise VI": the exhibition timed to the International Women’s Day
gallery ”Labyrinth”
27 March The graphics of Mikhail Borzdyko: the exhibition timed to the graphic artist’s 70th birth anniversary
gallery "Panorama”
15 April ”Art-Krok”: the republican exhibition of artists – members of the International Guild of Painters
galleries "Labyrinth” and “Rakurs”
24 April "Hockey on a higher level": the project timed to the 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship in Minsk
gallery ”Labyrinth”
22 May – 20 August "The world through the eyes of children": the charity program timed to the International Children’s Day
mobile gallery
3–15 June Belarusian-Polish "Dialogues": the exhibition of graduation works of students of the Complex of Public Arts Schools named after T. Makovsky (Poland) and the Minsk State Art College named after A. Glebov (Belarus)
gallery "Panorama”
14 August ”The bell of centuries”: the exhibition timed to the 100th anniversary since the beginning of the World War I the gallery-exhibition complex
16 September “The iron roof blues”: the exhibition of easel graphics by Sergey Balenok timed to the artist’s 60th birth anniversary


gallery ”Labyrinth”


25 September –
11 November
"The Colored Belarus": the photo exhibition of Vitaly Rakovich
gallery "Rakurs"
7 October Graphics by Vladimir Providokhin: the exhibition dedicated to the Noble Prize winner, writer Hermann Hesse (in cooperation with the Goethe Institute)
gallery "Atrium"
14 October The exhibition of Vladimir Akulov
timed to the artist’s 60th birth anniversary
gallery "Panorama”
22 October–
24 November
“Smart metal”: the exhibition of metallic sculptures
galleries "Labyrinth” and “Rakurs”
30 October –
1 December
Yuri Yakovenko’s exhibition "The Kingdom of Solomon" (in cooperation with the gallery "Book Salon")
gallery ”Labyrinth
4 November –
4 December
"With peace and love": Alexei Leonov’s exhibition of sculptures
mobile gallery
18 November The exhibition of open-air works of students of the Minsk State Art College named after A.K. Glebov
gallery "Rakurs"
December “A  Snowy  Summer” the gallery-exhibition complex