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Art exhibitions and projects in 2015




15 January
Exhibition dedicated to Tadeush Reyton, the hero of Belarus and Poland: within the bounds of the International festival of contemporary art “Dah”
galleries "Atrium","Labyrinth"
20 January
“A Snowy Summer”: the Republican exhibition of tapestry
gallery "Rakurs"
17 February
"Landscapes of Belarus": a photo exhibition of Victor Suglob
gallery "Panorama”
20 February
"Diamonds of Belarus": exhibition of photos and presentation of book by Elena Adamchik
gallery "Rakurs"
6 March
gallery "Labyrinth"
24 March
gallery "Atrium"
23 April –
27 May
Azerbaijan through the eyes of Belarusian artist Marina Elyashevich: a joint project of the National Library and the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Belarus
gallery "Rakurs"

5 May

gallery "Atrium"
5 May
“The Great Patriotic War in Photos by BelTA and TASS press photographer Vladimir Lupeyko”: to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory
gallery "Labyrinth"
21 May
29 May
gallery "Rakurs"
11 June –
27 August
“The spirit of religious traditions and printed icons”: exhibition of print iconsfrom the stocks of the Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle and Fr. J.K. Kluk Museum of Agriculture (Ciechanowiec, Poland)
gallery "Labyrinth"

22June –
16 July

“WARSTORY.BY. The peace generation about peace and war”: exhibition timed to the 70th anniversray of the Great Victory

galleries "Atrium", "Panorama"
31 July –
10 August
gallery "Rakurs"

13 August

"Photo exhibition dedicated to Hugo Chávez"

gallery "Rakurs"
3 September
gallery "Rakurs"

24 September –
21 October

"Tryputnik": exhibition of paintings of Vasil Piaškun, Hanna Silivončyk and Maryja Piaškun

gallery "Panorama"
27 October
gallery "Labyrinth"
29 October

“Open-Air 2015": the exhibition of paintings by students of the Minsk State Art Collage named after A.K. Glebov

gallery "Panorama"

26 November

"Light and Color ": the exhibition of photographic portraits by sculptor and photographer Jaǔhen Kolčaǔ

gallery "Atrium"

1 December, 2015 – 15 January, 2016

"My Dear Native Land": the photo exhibition of Anatol’ Drybas

gallery "Rakurs"

10 December, 2015
– 17 January, 2016

"Kalevala in the Eyes of Russian Artists": a joint project of the association "Kalevala" (Helsinki) and the Finnish Institute (St. Petersburg)

gallery "Labyrinth"