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Art exhibitions and projects in 2021

Пачатак экспанавання 2021
Назва праекта
Месца экспанавання
October 29 Font as a Message, Memory, Information and Artwork
“Labyrinth” Gallery (3rd floor)
November 26
Discover Karatkievich the Artist at the Exhibition "Principality of Images and Words"
"Mobile" Gallery (3rd floor)
December 17
Hurry up and Check out Fabulous Pieces by Lithuanian Artists! "Rakurs" Gallery (2nd floor)
January 14
Aspiration to be Useful
Panorama Gallery, 22nd floor
January 28 – May 15
"For a human to live like a human...": to the 100th anniversary of his birth Ivan Melezh and Ivan Shemyakin.
Atrium Gallery (3rd floor)
February 16 – July 30
ILLUSTRATIO. Variety of illustration techniques
Atrium Gallery (3rd floor)
March 25 – May 25 Images of the Native Land in the Eyes of Mikalaj Nestsiareuski “Labyrinth” Gallery (3rd floor)

* The exhibition schedule can be changed during the year. For more detailed information see the Events section.