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Belarus and the countries of the world

This section contains lists of literature on bilateral relations of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries (legal base; foreign relations, trade and economic relations, scientific, cultural and humanitarian ties).

The lists include call numbers of the documents in the National Library of Belarus and hyperlinks to full texts of publications on the Internet and in the databases acquired or generated by the Library.

Belarus – Angola

Belarus – Argentina

Belarus – Armenia

Belarus – Austria

Belarus – Azerbaijan

Belarus – Belgium

Belarus – Brazil

Belarus – Bulgaria

Belarus – Canada

Belarus – Cuba

Belarus – Czechia

Belarus – Finland

Belarus – France

Belarus – Georgia

Belarus – Germany

Belarus – Hungary

Belarus – India

Belarus – Iran

Belarus – Israel

Belarus – Italy

Belarus – Japan

Belarus – Latvia

Belarus – Lithuania

Belarus – Moldova

Belarus – Serbia

Belarus – Slovakia

Belarus – Spain

Belarus – Sweden

Belarus – Switzerland

Belarus – Turkey

Belarus – the United Kingdom

Belarus – the United States of America

Belarus – Uzbekistan

Belarus – Vietnam