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Relevant topics

This section contains literature lists on new developments in the field of international law and international relations, on topical issues of the international organizations activities, as well as on frequently repeated requests of readers.


The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit)


EU – NATO cooperation

Foreign trade of the Republic of Belarus with the European Union

Law of the World Trade Organization

Universal criminal jurisdiction


Dispute settlement in the World Trade Organization

The sources of international law


Alternative energy

Development of green economy in the Republic of Belarus

Republic of Belarus and sustainable development


The Chernobyl catastrophe: 30 years after

Climate change

Disarmament and limitation of armaments

EU migration policy

Fight against terrorism

Human rights

Sustainable Development Goals


The Bologna Process and Belarus

International trade in services

Paris Climate Change Conference (the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, СOP21, 30 November – 11 December, 2015)

Situation in Ukraine:


International legal regulation of the right to food

The right to health as a fundamental human right: the international legal aspects

The right to life: the international legal aspects

Situation in Ukraine:


Continuous education

Cultural values: preservation and protection

Human trafficking: a global challenge of the present

International financial reporting standards

International labor migration

International technical assistance to the Republic of Belarus


Crisis in Syria

Custom Union (Belarus / Russia / Kazakhstan)

Fight against corruption

Food security

Foreign direct investment: global tendencies and Belarusian experience

Green economy: principles, tendencies and prospects

Nuclear program of Iran

Preventive measures for money laundering and terrorism financing


Atomic energy development

Common Economic Space

Crisis in Libya

Death penalty: “for” or “against”?

Eurasian Union: the idea and prospects of establishment

International migration

Protests in the Middle East and North Africa

The earthquake in Japan


The Bologna process

The Eastern Partnership Program of the European Union

The EU Visa Code

Financial crisis in eurozone

The Middle East conflict

Millenium Development Goals


Treaty of Lisbon


A/H1N1 influenza pandemic


Human trafficking

World financial crisis