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Electronic editions 2015–2017

Planned releases in 2017

Социологические исследования в библиотеке: подготовка, организация, проведение / Sociological research in the library: preparation, organization and conduct

The publication describes the main stages of sociological research from its preparation to writing a scientific report, makes recommendations on the choice of methods, offers examples of work experience.

Planned releases in 2016

Агляд дзейнасці бібліятэк сістэмы Міністэрства культуры Рэспублікі Беларусь (2011–2015) / Activity of departmental libraries of the Ministry of culture of Belarus

The publication includes a comprehensive analysis of the activity of departmental libraries of the Ministry of culture of Belarus in 2011–2015: library service, development and usage of information resources, reference, information and bibliographic service, computerization of libraries, research work, professional training etc.

Дакументы і матэрыялы па гісторыі Віцебскай вучонай архіўнай камісіі (1909–1919) / Papers on the history of the Scholars’ Archival Commission in Vitebsk (1909–1919)

CD contains bibliographical, factographical and full text information on the history of the Scholars’ Archival Commission in Vitebsk and related persons; digital copies of the Commission’s editions and publications of its employees; accompanying materials (research papers, reference and graphic documents).

"З верай і праўдай прайшоў праз эпоху...": к 120-летию со дня рождения Кондрата Крапивы / To the 120th anniversary of the birth of Kandrat Krapiva

The electronic publication s devoted to the life and work of the Belarusian playwright, fabulist, writer, linguist and public figure Kandrat Krapiva (1896–1991), whose 120th birthday is celebrated in 2016.

Паэт красы і гармоніі: да 125-годдзя з дня нараджэння Максіма Багдановіча (1891–1917) (издание 2-е, дополненное) / The Poet of Beauty and Harmony: the 125th anniversary of Maksim Bogdanovich (1891–1917), 2nd edition

The electronic edition is dedicated to the 125th birthday of M. Bogdanovich, the poet, journalist, literary critic, translator and classic of Belarusian literature.

Planned releases in 2015

Дакументы і матэрыялы аб дзейнасці Горы-Горацкага земляробчага інстытута: да 175-годдзя Беларускай дзяржаўнай сельскагаспадарчай акадэміі / Papers of the Gory-Gorky Agricultural Institute: to the 175th anniversary of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy

The electronic edition contains bibliographic, factographic and biographic information; digital copies of papers about the history and activities of the Gory-Gorky Agricultural School, the Gory-Gorky Agricultural Institute and other agricultural schools; scientific historical articles and data, other materials.

Подпольная и партизанская печать Беларуси. 3-е изд., дополненное / Underground and Partisan Press in Belarus

The electronic edition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi occupants includes electronic copies of underground and partisan press from the stocks of the National Library of Belarus, the Museum of the Great Patriotic war, the National Archive of Belarus. It consists of three sections: leaflets, magazines, newspapers.

Рэгіянальная гісторыя Беларусі ў дакументах і матэрыялах Віленскай археаграфічнай камісіі (1864–1915) / The Regional History of Belarus in Papers of the Vilna Archaeological Commission (1864–1915)

CD contains bibliographic, full-text, factographic information on the history and activities of the Vilna Archaeological Commission, persons connected with the establishment’s work; digital copies of assembly documents and other editions of the Commission; accompanying materials (scientific, reference, audiovisual).

Служыць Радзіме…: да 250-годдзя з дня нараджэння Міхала Клеафаса Агінскага (1765–1833) / Serving the Motherland… : to the 250th birth anniversary of Mikhail Kleofast Oginski (1765–1833)

The electronic edition is dedicated to the life and creative work of known diplomat, composer and political figure Mikhail Kleofast Oginski (1765–1833) whose 250th birth anniversary is included to the UNESCO list.