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Memorialization as a form of the preservation of heritage for future generations is a sign of high respect and love for the national culture, spiritual values, attention to significant events and outstanding persons who left a trace in history.

The name of our famous countryman, Stanislaw Moniuszko, is known and respected throughout the world. His music is performed in the UK, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Poland, Russia, Romania, the USA, Turkey, Czech Republic, Cuba... Warsaw Music Society in Poland and the Institute of Slavic Culture in Japan are named after Moniuszko. Almost every Polish city has Moniuszko Street; the streets in Vilnius, Volgograd, Kharkov and Krivoy Rog are named in honor of the composer.

The composer is immortalized in Belarus as well. Several monuments and plaques are dedicated to his life and work. The streets of Minsk and Grodno are named after Stanislaw Moniuszko.

Today, Stanislaw Moniuszko, his oeuvre and legacy return home. This can be seen in numerous concerts, music festivals, exhibitions, musical and theatrical performances and philatelic products.

2019 opens a new significant page for further preservation and study of Stanislaw Moniuszko’s legacy. The celebration of the composer’s 200th anniversary is gaining momentum, and a number of events in different parts of Belarus are ahead.


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