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Virtual projects, exhibitions, collections

The development of electronic multimedia resources is a glaring example of using numerous technological opportunities which are available now due to multimedia format of information representation.

The virtual projects of the National Library of Belarus in 3 languages – Belarusian, Russian and English – are a new modern information product. They can form an important part of the national information space as their role is gradually increasing.

Such forms of exhibition work as virtual exhibitions and virtual collections are also offered to the attention of users of the Internet portal.

Documents from the library’s stocks are on display. They are available to remote visitors at any time, 24/7. Books, reproductions, postcards, posters, audio records and other electronic documents are presented on our virtual stands. Information is classified in thematic sections. Simple navigation with hyperlinks and brief annotations as well as an appropriate design makes visual perception easy.

The electronic collections, presented as thematic sites, video presentations and slideshows, are timed to anniversaries of our celebrated compatriots, civil and religious holidays and historical dates.

The Internet projects of the National Library of Belarus have got a very favorable public reaction. There are very little multimedia resources of this kind not only in our country but also in the CIS member states. Such projects performed at the proper level and being informative to the maximum are a great contribution to the following:

  • promotion of stocks and collections of the National Library of Belarus;
  • distribution of knowledge of Belarusian culture and history;
  • free access to cultural and historical heritage of our people.