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Exhibitions 2017


"Francysk Skaryna and his Epoch”
The international exhibition “Francysk Skaryna and his epoch”, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book printing.

"The sense of astonishment…”
The exhibition of autographs, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Marc Chagall and tined to the International Museum Day.

At the origins of national bibliography
The hand-written memoirs, correspondence and photos from the archive of Julia Bibilo, bibliographic materials prepared and published in Belarus and Russia and other documents from the collection of the National Library of Belarus are on display

The Book of books
The exhibition is dedicated to one of the main books that played a significant role in the development of human culture, the saint Christians’ book – the Bible. In the Christian world the Biblical Scriptures have had a great impact on all sides of life. The Bible has the largest circulation and is the most translated edition in the world.

The exhibition of rare handwritten and old-printed books
The exhibition presents manuscripts of church liturgical content of the 15th century (Menaia, Triodion, Prolog), old-printed liturgical books of the 17–18th centuries with Christmas engravings from the collections of the National Library.