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The Book Professors’ Club

The "Book Professors Club" is a whole course of classes and is designed for repeated and systematic visits to the Book Museum of the National Library of Belarus. Classes take place every month. The program begins in September and ends in May

Kids will immerse in the history of books, get new knowledge about the richness and diversity of the Belarusian book culture at the lessons, which are held in a clear and interesting way. The lessons include interactive excursions, informative conversations, workshops, creative tasks and games.

An unusual museum atmosphere, friendly relationships, where every kid behaves freely and at the same time is involved in the common activities, encourage receiving new knowledge. Kids will be not only spectators, who just look at display units, but be active participants of the book perception process.

Book researchers, artists, writers, and musicians are often invited to Museum classes to share their knowledge, creativity, and love of books.

Topics of lessons:

  • Library as the house of books
  • The history of writing
  • Forms and materials of a book
  • Transformation book
  • Paper miracles
  • Hand-written book
  • The Art of the Handwritten Book and the Bookplate
  • The beginning of printing in Europe
  • The Book of the Renaissance
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • Francysk Skaryna
  • The Francysk Skaryna’s Bible
  • Portrait of the Belarusian first printer
  • Book Bindings
  • Radziwill's book heritage
  • Anatomy of a Book
  • Engravings
  • Miniature book
  • Book design
  • Facsimile