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The Strong United Nations Make the World Better

The Strong United Nations Make the World Better
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The permanent virtual exhibition “The Strong United Nations Make the World Better” timed to the United Nations’ 70th anniversary runs from October 23.

On October 24, 2015, the world community celebrates the 70th anniversary of the UN foundation.

The anniversary date is a good occasion to sum up the organization’s activity for some decades and to determine the trends of its further development with regard to new threats and challenges.

The offered virtual exhibition “Strong United Nations Make the World Better” gives an opportunity to users and visitors of the library to learn more about one of the leading international organizations and its role in the world community’s life. The exhibition acquaints with the United Nations’ official papers and publications from the preparatory stage during the World War II, its formation during the post-war period and till present day.

The National Library of Belarus joined the global network of depository libraries of the United Nations in December, 1957. Today the library keeps a unique collection of the United Nations’ documents. The subjects of these documents are universal covering all aspects of social life and all fields of activity of an individual. The uniqueness of the United Nations’ fund in the National Library of Belarus is that, besides official papers of the United Nations governing bodies, the library receives documents and publications of special establishments and other independent organizations in the UN system.

Documents displayed on virtual stands reflect the many-sided activity of the United Nations for saving future generations from disasters of war, maintaining peace and international security, developing friendship between nations, and solving economic, social, cultural and humanitarian international problems.

The virtual exhibition presents over 260 documents from the collections of the National Library of Belarus in Russian and English languages: books, periodicals, mimeographed papers, brochures and booklets. The exposition consists of seven thematic sections. See here for bibliography lists of sources for each exhibitions section.

Simple navigation bar with hyperlinks between pages, brief reference to each thematic section and suitable design provide comfortable use of the resource.

All publications are available in the Documents of international organizations reading room No. 207g. Feel free to ask librarians for advice on how to search and book documents. Remote users can book publications through the electronic catalog on the website of the National Library.

The virtual exhibition is prepared by specialists of the Official Documents Department.

For more info, please, call: (375 17) 293 27 34.

Download the presentation (PPTX, 25 Mb)

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