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September 12 - 230 years since the birth of Ioann Grigorovich, scientist-archeographer, historian, ethnographer, teacher, Orthodox figure.

12 Sep 2020

Ioann (Ivan Ivanovich) Grigorovich did a lot to study and publish sources on the history of his homeland as a researcher and collector of Belarusian antiquity, he was one of the most educated people of the 19th century. He went far beyond the geographical boundaries of Belarus by the scale of his activity.

Through the Pages of the Belarusian Calendar

100th Anniversary of V.K. Bondarchik, Famous Belarusian Ethnographer

1 Aug 2020

Vasily Bondarchik (1920–2009), Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, made a significant contribution to the development of Belarusian ethnographic science. He studied the issues of the origin and ethnic history of the Belarusian people, the historiography of traditional material, social and spiritual culture.

Through the Pages of the Belarusian Calendar

July 15 Marks 610 Years Since the Battle of Grunwald (1410)

15 Jul 2020

The famous battle between the combined army of the Polish Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (led by the King of Poland Jagiello and the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas) and the army of the Teutonic Order under the command of Grand Master Ulrich von Jungingen took place during the Great War (1409-1411) near the villages of Grunwald, Tanenberg and Ludwigsdorf (Ludwigova) on the territory of East Prussia (modern Poland).

Through the Pages of the Belarusian Calendar

May 22 – the 120th Birth Anniversary of the Famous Belarusian Scientist Nikolai Kasperovich

22 May 2020

Famous Belarusian scientist N. Kasperovich (1900-1937) left a significant mark in the history of the Belarusian culture. He was interested in literature and language, architecture and painting, history and ethnography, but he became most famous as an outstanding local history expert and organizer of the Belarusian local history movement in the first third of the twentieth century.

Through the Pages of the Belarusian Calendar


Symbol of Belarusian National Culture

16 Sep 2020

Exhibition project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre is on show in the Atrium Gallery (3rd floor) of the National Library of Belarus.

Temples of Time, Memory, Thought...

14 Sep 2020

All Belarusian librarians celebrate their professional holiday, the Day of Libraries every year on September 15. The book exhibition "Temples of Time, Memory, Thought..." is timed to this day. It is located in the circular corridor on the 2nd floor of the National Library of Belarus.

Minsk Mosaic

9 Sep 2020

The National Library of Belarus congratulates residents and guests of Minsk on City Day and invites everyone to visit the festive book exhibition “Minsk Mosaic”.