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The magazine “Maladost” is celebrating its 70th anniversary

The magazine “Maladost” is celebrating its 70th anniversary
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The magazine "Maladost", a monthly literary, artistic and socio–political illustrated publication, is celebrating its 75th anniversary in April 2023. The publication has evolved into a real school of artistic and journalistic literature, having trained several generations of Belarusian poets, writers, critics and literary critics.



The initiator of the creation of the magazine “Maladost” was the Central committee of the Leninist communist union of the Belarusian youth, whose first secretary at that time was P.M. Masheraw. The magazine identified its primary target market in its name. Mid-April 1953 saw the publication of the first edition. Yakub Kolas' "To the Youth" appeal, which was published in the National magazine, reaffirmed the magazine's priority in covering the life, work, and artistic endeavours of Belarus' young population. It published works by young writers: verses, poems, short stories, novels. Thus, the magazine opened the way to the reader of many novice writers. Among them are A. Razanaw, Ja. Janishchyts, Ju. Golub, V. Shnip, L. Rublewskaja, N. Metlitsky, A. Badak, S. Legalnikaw, whose works later became part of the golden collection of Russian literature. The "Maladost" also helped to open up to talented photographers: A. Dzitlaw and V. Zhdanovich.


The magazine also published older writers: Yakub Kolas, M. Lynkow, P. Glebka, and others. The authors were also public and state figures, scientists, and readers. There were publicist, critical and literary articles, reviews, photo reports, illustrations and reproductions of works of fine art; materials on scientific, socio-political and historical topics; essays on figures of science, culture, literature and art, production leaders; translations of literary works of the peoples of the USSR and foreign countries.

Since 1988, the magazine has published the series "The library of the magazine "Maladost", in which the first books by Belarusian authors have been and are still being published.


The first editor of "Maladost" was A. Kulakowski, who previously worked in the editorial offices of the magazine "Belarus" and the newspaper "Litaratura I mastatstva". Later it was headed by P. Panchanka, V. Zuionak, G. Burawkin, and the editorial staff of the journal included Ja. Sipakow, M. Straltsow, Ja. Bryl, M. Awramchyk.


Throughout its history, "Maladost" has been an authoritative publication, a platform that brought together young poets and writers, writers and publicists, translators and critics. The magazine performs this function even today, making, according to the Belarusian literary critic, critic and writer W.Gnilamiodava, efforts "... in order to open the way to the talented". The editorial board of the publication gives young writers an opportunity to enter the literary life. While helping them take their first steps in literature, it also creates highly artistic, intellectual, and spiritual reading for young people, and seeks to give life to new ideas that meet the challenges of the time.

A positive image, impeccable design, high-quality content – this is how ‘Maladost’ magazine celebrates its anniversary.

Information about the magazine can be found in the online encyclopedia "Belarus in Faces and Events". The electronic catalog of the National library of Belarus contains bibliographic information on issues of the periodical "Maladost" and publications devoted to the journal.

See also: Archive of the magazine "Maladost".

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