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Art exhibitions and projects in 2011

18 January –
28 February
Landscape festival dedicated to the International Year of Forests
galleries "Atrium", "Labyrinth"
17 February –
9 March
“I Feel You”. Painting exhibition of Natalya Polischuk within the framework of the Year of Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus
gallery "Panorama"
24 February

"The Formula of a Myth". Exhibition of paintings by Feodor Yastreb

gallery "Rakurs"
3 March –
14 April

"Flower Paradise IV". Republican exhibition of still life works.

gallery "Labyrinth"
10–28 March Photo exhibition "The Images of America". Reproductions of the most important works of American art
gallery "Panorama"
17 March –
10 April
“Heritage through the lens: 150 years of the photography of Italian objects listed by the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage"
gallery "Atrium"
31 March–
26 April
"Return to Romanticism" ("Le retour au romantisme"). Joint art project in cooperation with the Embassy of France in Belarus gallery "Panorama"
21 April –
20 May
"The World Behind the Window". Charitale art project gallery "Labyrinth"
28 April –
23 May
"Life Like a Dream". Exhibition of graphics by Kiev artist Galina Bodyakova gallery "Panorama"
31 May –
13 September
"Art-Line IV". International exhibition of graphic arts galleries "Atrium", "Labyrinth", "Rakurs"
24 May –
27 July
Exhibition of graphic works by students and graduates of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (BGAI) within the framework of the 4th Minsk international exhibition of graphic arts “Art-Line” gallery "Panorama"
30 June Photo exhibition “Life:) Connecting People!” gallery "Panorama"
13 September – 10 October Photo exhibition of works of monumental art within the franework of the Republican exhibition of monumental art galleries "Atrium", "Labyrinth"
15 September – 10 October Exhibition "The Artist to Oneself" dedicated to theLibrary Day and the 5th anniversary of the NLB new building. Joint project in cooperation with Belarusian Library Association gallery "Rakurs"
20 September – 20 October "The Unfinished Journey". Exhibition of watercolor works by Mikhail Mironov gallery "Panorama"
11 October –
4 November
“Lemaris”. Multiproject dedicated to the 90th birthday of Stanislaw Lem galleries "Atrium", "Labyrinth", "Rakurs"
8 November –
7 December
"The Wreath to Maksim". Republican exhibition dedicated to the 120th birthday of Maksim Bogdanovich galleries "Atrium", "Labyrinth", "Rakurs", mobile gallery
29 November –
10 January
"Under the Sky of Grodno Lands". Photo project of A. Lasminsky gallery "Panorama"
13 December "Terra Nova ІІІ". International digital art festival. Programme of the festival galleries "Atrium", "Labyrinth", "Rakurs"