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Observation Deck: the Terms of Use


1. The Observation Deck regulations (the Regulations hereinafter) are developed in conformity with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the Charter of the National Library of Belarus (the Library hereinafter).

2. The Observation Deck of the Library  includes the indoor and outdoor parts.

3. Service is provided to all visitors to the Observation Deck.

4. Entrance to the Observation Deck  is paid (both cash and cashless payment are accepted), according to the price list.

5. Free admission for:
children up to 7 years old, war veterans, guides accompanying tour groups (up to 15 people), accompanying persons of wheelchair (up to one person), as well as citizens of the Republic of Belarus: orphans and persons with disabilities, upon presentation of supporting documents.

6. Supporting documents required for free admission:
child’s ID card;
disability certification;
documents confirming the orphan status;
war veteran certification.
Paid services:
cash voucher or non-cash payment confirmation;
cash voucher and discount coupon;
student card or other documents proving that you are a student at educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus;
discount card (guest card) of the cafe-bar "Graf Cafe";
Belarus guest card (sample attached).


7. These include:
panoramic lift (one ascending and descending );
outdoor observation tower;
panoramic binocular;
indoor part and gallery “Panorama”.

8. Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 12.00 - 23.00. Each last Monday of month is a clean-up day. Ticket office: from 12.00 to 22.30, breaks: 14.00-14.15; 16.00-16.15; 18.00-18.15; 20.00-20.15.

9. You can visit the Observation Deck on-the-fly or book in advance. When entering, please, provide your cash voucher to administrator.

10. Individuals, guided tour groups (up to 15 people) and children up to 14 years old with accompanying persons are welcome.

11. Take the panoramic lift to get to the Observation Deck.

12. As the hoist is out of order, persons in wheelchairs and mothers with babies in prams enter through the main door, according to the opening hours of the Library.

13. The duration of stay is 60 minutes.

14. The usage time of panoramic binocular is 3 minutes.


15. You can:
be informed about the activities of the Observation Deck;
use the services of the Observation Deck;
address the Library board to settle any questions concerning the Observation Deck's services.


16. You should:
put into the locker your bags, briefcases, files, opaque parcels, umbrellas, musical instruments and other things;
use carefully the Observation Deck's property;
be quiet and behave in an orderly manner;
observe the Regulations of the Observation Deck;
observe the safety procedure.

17. You don't:
get out the line;
enter the Observation Deck with animals, on roller skates, with ice cream, food or beverage;
carry out any action that can destroy the Observation Deck's equipment;
take away any object that belong to the Observation Deck;
place advertisements, posters or other advertising material, do commercial activity without a permit.
bring cold steel or firearms, explosives, highly inflammable matters to the Observation Deck.
enter the Observation Deck in unclean clothes or in a state of intoxication. Please refrain from a visit if you have fever or other disease recurrence.


18. Users are financially liable and may incur other sanctions for damage to property, unauthorized removal of equipment and other things belonging to the Observation Deck, according to the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

19. Visitors who by their conduct pose a danger to life and health of other visitors and staff, or offend their rights, are obliged to leave the Observation Deck for the administration request.


20. The Observation Deck staff must:
provide high-quality user service;
notify visitors of any change of the current Regulations.


21. The Library's administration is entitled to:
make supplements and amendments to the Regulations;
specify the Observation Deck service procedure;
claim damages from visitors in conformity with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

22. The administration is not responsible for safety of visitors’ property.