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User Registration

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens and stateless people over the age of 14 can enroll in the library.

To register in the National Library and get a library card, please provide your Identity document: passport, residence permit in the Republic of Belarus, refugee certificate).

Also, you must provide:

  • student card of a vocational school or a secondary special educational institution;
  • student card of a higher education institution;
  • academic degree certificate for a research worker;
  • persons with impaired vision and deprived of vision – a certificate of a visually impaired person.

You will get your library card after paying.

In case of loss or damage to your library card, you will get a duplicate. In case you have left it behind, you will get a temporary library card for free, but no more than five times a year.

The cost of a library card and its duplicate is 3.86 BYN. Discounts are not provided.

The reader must read the National Library of Belarus's Rules of Use before registering for the library, attesting to his responsibility to abide by them by signing his name.

Please ask at reception to register.

For more details, please, call:
(+375 17) 368 37 37,
(+375 17) 293 28 54.